The governance arrangements of the Local Government Pension Scheme have changed. From 1 April 2015 the Surrey Pension Fund Committee is assisted in its management of the Surrey Pension Fund by a Local Pension Board made up from representatives of members and employers of the scheme.

What does the Local Pension Board do?

  • It plays a key advisory role in assisting the Surrey Pension Fund Committee in managing the Surrey Pension Fund;

  • It ensures that the Surrey Pension Fund Committee is compliant with LGPS and other relevant regulations;

  • It has regular meetings (at least twice a year).

The members of the Surrey Pension Fund Local Pension Board are:

Employer representatives

Tim Evans (Independent Chairman)

Cllr David Lewis (Vice Chairman)

Fiona Skene (Employer Rep)

Brendan Bradley (Employer Rep)

Cllr Jeremy Webster (Employer Rep)

Member representatives


Siobhan Kennedy (Member Rep)

Trevor Willington (Member Rep)

William McKee (Member Rep)

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