The Surrey Pension Fund recognise that different people may have different opinions about where it should invest.

The Fund is run for more than 250 public bodies in Surrey, including the Surrey County Council. The Fund has a responsibility to ensure it invests within the law and in assets that optimise returns and provide the best value for taxpayers' money.

Fundamental to this is the ability to deliver the returns needed to pay scheme members’ pensions.  Investment decisions are made with that key duty in mind.

Where ever appropriate, consideration is given to environmental, social and governance issues, as set out in the Fund’s “Investment Strategy Statement” including the “Responsible Investment Policy” of the Fund’s asset pool provider, Border to Coast. This can be found on the Fund website under "Forms and Publications" in the "About Us" section.

Only a relatively small proportion of the total funds are invested in businesses associated with fossil fuels. In addition, the Pension Fund Committee has reduced its exposure to carbon related assets and recently made a commitment to invest in a fund with a focus on sustainable or renewable energy.